At Gold Age, You're Always Welcome.

Gold Age Australia's staff are experts in the provision of age care services. In fact, we've been running Age Care Facilities (traditionally called Nursing Homes) for decades. We offer you and your family Age Care Planning services. Plus, we can provide expert advice in the areas of Dementia Care and Respite Care.

For example, did you know that High Care needs are different to Low Care needs, or that planning and Senior Care in general is an ongoing process? It is core to our philosophy to train our staff regularly and extensively. In this way we can ensure that you and your loved ones get the service and support you deserve. Do you have a loved one who may need specialist care? More importantly, are you confused about how dementia, respite, palliative and other types of aged care should be provided?

If so, call (03) 9433 3444 for totally free advice and support. We mean it when we say that at Gold Age, You're Always Welcome.

We Provide Professional Services

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Ageing in Place

In the past, frail older people who required care or support were eligible for a place in either a hostel or a nursing home, depending on the level of care that they needed.

Today at Gold Age we practice the philosophy of ‘ageing in place’. This means that we are able to provide continuity of care in order to support the changing care needs of residents, without having to displace them from their friends, their spouse, or from familiar surroundings. In fact, we are committed to building and maintaining community well-being in all Gold Age residences, by offering movement between low and high care within the same facility and community.
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Advice & Support

Many of the families we meet are overwhelmed by the choices they have to make.

We understand that you have a lot to take in and will provide you with unbiased, frank and helpful information to assist you in making the right decision for your family.
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Emergency Care

Gold Age also provides respite care to assist families that require temporary relief from tasks with care giving. Respite care may be provided for various periods of time agreed by the caregiver.

In fact, because Gold Age wants to ensure that our residents live in an environment that promotes safety, individual lifestyle and comfort, the residents and their families are invited to join the Resident and Family Committees at each facility, which advises management of resident’s desires and needs in relation to the facility and of any other special requests.
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Medical Support

The health and well-being of our residents is our absolute priority.

That is why all our locations are regularly attended by GPs, pharmacists, physiotherapists and podiatrists. Furthermore, residents are also treated to regular activities to help keep them fit and healthy.

We Ensure Continued Life Enjoyment.

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Hair Salon

Good personal grooming everyday is one of the important daily rituals younger people take for granted.

They make us feel good about ourselves, helping us to face the world with confidence. That is why our locations feature fully equipped hair dressing salons where residents can get a haircut or colour without having to travel to an unfamiliar salon.
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Nutritious Meals

Our resident Chefs oversee the preparation of all meals to ensure that we produce nutritious and delicious meals.

In fact, menus reflect the season and cater to the individual needs of residents. This is because residents often have medical or personal choice needs. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the quality of the food we produce everyday.
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Active Lifestyle

Gold Age facilities organise regular activities, programs and excursions to various places of interest.

For a start, upon admission everyone is asked about his or her hobbies and the activities programs are organised to accommodate all interests. In addition, facilities are in place at all residences to allow family and friends to plan celebrations or gatherings on the premises.

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Lifestyle Choices

Gold Age actively support of individual lifestyle, religious and cultural choices.

In fact, Gold Age is a place where You're Always Welcome. That's why our staff will work with you and your family to ensure all your lifestyle needs are met and respected.

At Gold Age, you're always welcome.

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