Deloraine Aged Care

Vision, Mission and Our Eight Gold Standards


Deloraine Aged Care is committed to the delivery of excellence in care and service that supports dignity, choice, and decision-making.


Our mission is to provide Gold Standard personalised care and service delivery through innovative best practice and effective organisational governance.

Our Eight Gold Standards

  1. Embrace a gold standard of service for the residents
  • Always acknowledge individuals by their preferred name
  • A culture of inclusion for all
  • Supports residents to exercise their choice and independence
  • Ensure respect, privacy, dignity, and confidentiality is always met
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Embrace individuality
  1. Plan to optimise the resident’s experience
  • Provide initial and ongoing Assessment and planning for care and services in partnership with the resident
  • Focus on optimising the health and well-being of the resident in accordance with their needs, goals and preferences
  • Research opportunities for efficiency and excellence
  • Think outside the box
  1. Deliver safe effective personal and clinical care for the residents
  • Our resident is the focus of our day
  • Deliver best practice
  • Deliver safe and effective personal and clinical care for the residents in line with their goals and preferences
  • Optimise health and well-being for the resident by listening to their needs
  1. Provide safe and effective services and supports for the residents
  • Strive for excellence
  • Support the resident’s independence, health, well-being, and quality of life with effective supports and services
  • Provide a sense of a community within the organisation
  • Encourage social and personal relationships
  1. Ensure a safe and comfortable service environment for the residents, carers and the workforce
  • Create a sense of belonging, independence, interaction, and enjoyment
  • Have a positive “Can Do” attitude
  • Focus on ensuring a safe, clean, well maintained and comfortable environment
  • Smile
  1. Seek continuous feedback from residents, carers and the workforce
  • No idea is a bad idea - we are prepared to listen
  • Welcome change and use feedback to make improvements and communicate actions taken
  • Support and encourage feedback and have a best practice system to manage complaints, compliments and suggestions
  • Be the facility and the employer of choice
  1. Create a workforce that is sufficient, skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care for the residents
  • Our staff are proud of their roles, and their interactions with residents are kind, caring and respectful
  • Create a work environment of professionalism, teamwork and respect
  • Our staff have appropriate qualifications and training, and we have the staff mix required to provide quality care
  • Encourage and facilitate staff career paths through a positive learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for relevant training and professional development so that staff have the knowledge to effectively perform their roles
  • Support up-skilling
  • Actively promote and achieve staff retention
  • Regularly assess and review performance and award and recognise achievement
  1. Exceed expectations by providing effective quality care, services, and governing systems
  • Comply with policies and procedures
  • Participate in relevant projects and benchmarking
  • There is confidence in management and the whole-of-organisation governance and risk framework
  • Communication with relevant parties is timely, relevant and transparent
  • Support residents to live the best life they can