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At Gold Age we go to great lengths to ensure that information is accessible to you and your family member online or in person. These FAQ should help answer most of your questions. However, we are always available to talk with you. Just call (03) 9433 3444.

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1Who owns Gold Age Australia – Deloraine Aged Care?
Gold Age Australia is a Family owned Company. The Directors are Richard Jenkings and Liz Jenkings In fact between them they have over 70 years experience in Aged Care.
2How do I know if I need to look at moving into care?
Entering Aged Care is never an easy decision. Therefore, if you feel that you need assistance with normal day to day tasks and you are finding it increasing difficult to manage things at home, it may be time to look at moving into care. For example, if you experience regular falls. This would be a sign you should speak with a medical professional about your care needs.
3Do I need to be assessed to enter an Age Care Facility?
Everyone coming into an Aged Care Facility requires an ACAT assessment. Further, the ACAT Assessment is conducted by the Aged Care Assessment team. They will visit you and ask you some questions about your life and lifestyle to determine what are the best options for your care. You should note that you may have anyone with you at the time of assessment. Also, the assessment can be arranged by your local GP.
4What type of care is provided in a Gold Age Australia Facility?
We provide for all levels of care. In fact we cater for those residents’ requiring only minimal assistance to those requiring extensive nursing care.
5What if I only need care for a short period?
This is generally known as Respite care. Gold Age Australia can provide both Respite and Permanent care. For your information, Respite is a period of temporary accommodation in an Aged Care facility. Be aware that you may require Respite for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are trying out a facility prior to moving in permanently. Also, your carer or support person might be going away or unable to look after you due to illness. Furthermore, in Emergency Situations, The Government provides funding to support respite accommodation up to 63 days per year. In that case, you will need an ACAT Assessment that indicates you're eligible for Respite care. It is worth noting that we are fully equipped to provide Respite care. However, we recommend that you book well in advance
6Do you have qualified staff on duty?
Registered staff and a registered nurse are always on duty to deal with any emergency or concerns.
7Can I see a GP of my choice?
Yes you are free to see any Doctor of your choice. In fact it is preferred that your GP will be able to visit the facility as required by the nursing staff. However, if you do not have a GP then we can assist you to find a GP from those who already visit the home.
8If I need to go to a Specialist appointment can you provide someone to come with me?
We always prefer that a family member takes you. However for those times when no one is available we are able to assist by providing an external provider to take you to your doctor’s appointment. However, you will be required to pay for this service to accompany you along with the Taxi fees. In any case, if you require assistance with an appointment please see the Director of Care Services at your facility
9If I require Palliative Care do I have to leave the facility?
All Gold Age staff have undergone training and education in Palliative care. In fact, staff are fully equipped to handle the care / emotional needs of you and your family during this difficult period.
10Do I have to organise my own medications?
Gold Age has a service agreement with a nearby Pharmacy. They supply medications to our facility. Also, they pack and dispense all medications required by our residents. The pharmacy will invoice family members directly at the end of each month. You should also note that a representative from the pharmacy attends our Medication Advisory Committee meetings which are held on a 3 monthly basis.
11Can I administer my own medications?
Any resident wanting to administer their own medications is required to undergo a “Self-Medicating Assessment” is conducted by a Registered Nurse. Also, you will need to keep all medications in a locked cupboard and will require reassessment every 12 months.
12Do Allied health Service attend Gold Age sites?
We currently offer the following services: Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Aid, Dietician, Speech pathologist, Ophthalmology, Massage therapy, Podiatrist, Wound Consultant.
13Do I have to leave the facility if I want to see a Dentist?
We encourage all residents if possible, to continue with the services of their own dentist. However, if you are unable to see your own Dentist, Gold Age has a service agreement with a dental provider. In fact, they are able to come to on-site and attend to the Dental care of our residents. So, if you need this service, a Representative from the dental provider will liaise with the family to discuss treatment plans and costs.
14How can I be involved in my Relative’s care?
We encourage family members to be involved in the care of our residents. Usually, staff will contact the Medical Power of Attorney / Authorised Representative to discuss any changes in your family member’s health status. Also, you will be involved in the care plan review process. Please note that Care plans are reviewed on a 3 monthly basis.
15What happens if I need a special diet?
Staff can access the services of a Dietician to discuss any dietary concerns. Of course, the kitchen is able to cater for all different kinds of diets e.g. diabetic, vitamised, gluten free. Furthermore, staff are happy to sit with you and discuss your needs.
16Do I have to change rooms if my care needs increase?
We offer 'Aging in Place' and we will do everything to ensure that you can stay in your room. However, if there is a clinical reason why you may need to be moved this will be discussed with your family.
17What times are meals served and can I have my meal in my room?
We encourage all residents to have their meals in the dining room. However, if you are unable to come to the dining room due to illness or choice we can arrange for you to have your meal in your room. Please note that meals are typically served at the following times: Breakfast – 8am - 9am * Lunch – 12.00 – 1pm * Dinner – 5 pm – 6 pm
18Can I have a meal with my family at the facility?
Families are able to have lunch and dinner with you at the facility. Naturally, there is a minimal cost involved and we require you to notify the facility before 10am on the day. This provides the kitchen adequate time to prepare the meal.
19Can I go away on holidays?
We ask if possible that you don’t go away for the first 4 weeks so that staff can complete assessments to determine the ongoing care that you require. After this period, you can go out overnight. However, please advise staff of any impending holidays so that they can arrange your medications with Pharmacy.
20What are the facilities visiting hours?
There are no set visiting hours. However, we do ask that you are mindful of residents having showers etc in the morning and limit any visits at this time.
21How do I get into the facility after hours?
Our facility is extremely secure. In fact, relatives are given access to the facility via a “Fob”. This allows family members 24 hour access. Please note that families are given “Fob’s” on admission and this requires a security deposit of $20.00. Naturally, this will be returned once your family member leaves the facility.
22Do you allow pets into the facility?
Pets may be allowed, by negotiation with the Operational Manager
23Who do I speak to if I have a complaint?
The Registered Nurse on duty at the time is always your first point of contact. However, the Deputy Director of Care Services, Director of Care Services and Operations Managers have an Open Door policy and are happy to discuss any concerns.
24Can I smoke at the facility?
Please discuss your needs with the Director of Care Services or Customer Service Manager.
25Can I have a Television in my room?
Yes you can have a Television in your room. However, we do ask that you are respectful of fellow residents and don’t have the volume to loud.
26Can I have my laundry done at the facility?
Our facility is equipped with Commercial washers and your laundry can be done on site. That is why residents are required to ensure that all clothing is labelled and able to go through a commercial washer. Also, we ask that any delicate washing is taken home and done by the family. By the way, we can assist with the purchase of labels.
27Can I bring in a chair from home for my relative to use?
We encourage residents to bring in items from home to make the room “theirs”. Any electrical equipment is required to be tested and tagged. Of course, for safety we also ask that rooms are not over cluttered as staff are still required to have access to the room to care for your family member.
28Can I have a phone in my room?
Yes you can have a phone connected in your room. In fact, Gold Age Australia has provided phone points in the residents’ rooms. However, your family will need to arrange connection with your service provider. Please discuss with the Director of Care Services or Customer Service Manager.
29Can I have Foxtel connected in my room?
Yes this should be possible. In fact your family can arrange this. However, please discuss your needs with the Customer Service Manager first. Foxtel is already available in most communal areas.
30Do you have a Hairdresser on site?
Yes we currently have a hairdresser on site. However, please see reception staff for information regarding prices and contact details.
31Can I have the paper delivered to me at the facility?
Yes, reception staff can assist in organising newspaper delivery for you.
32What do I do if something in my room doesn’t work?
Please let our staff know and they will complete a maintenance form and our maintenance staff will repair the item for you. Please note that families are responsible for the repair of any personal items.
33Are my belongings insured if they go missing?
Gold Age takes no responsibility for any personal items that go missing whilst you are a resident. That is why we encourage all residents to take out their own insurance. However, our facility has a “Petty Cash” system where you can leave money for items such as outings. Ultimately, Gold Age Australia recommends that you don’t keep large amounts of money in your room at any time.
34Do you have Wi-Fi in the facility for me to use?
Yes. We offer Guest and Resident Wifi
35What Lifestyle Programs are offered at the facility?
Gold Age has extensive Lifestyle programs at it’s facility. In fact our programs are developed to cater for the interests of all residents. Furthermore, we typically run our programs over a 5 day period and programs are displayed through out the facilities. Also, we hold regular Resident / Relative meetings which everyone is encouraged to attend. Further, we hold regular concert and theme days. In fact we also celebrate Cultural and Spiritual events through out the year. You should also note that on Thursday afternoons we hold regular 'Happy Hours’.
36Do you have Church Services at the facility?
The Lifestyle department arrange frequent Church services at our facility
37Does the facility have a bus?
Our facility has its own bus! Our Lifestyle staff arrange bus outings for residents on a weekly basis.
38Can I have a family celebration at the Facility?
Of course. In fact we have areas within all our facilities that can be used to accommodate a family gathering. However, we ask that you speak with the Director of Care Services or Operations Manager to arrange any gatherings.
39Can I leave the facility and transfer to another facility?
Yes you are free to transfer or leave the facility at any time. However, we do ask that you provide us with 7 days written notice of your intention to transfer.
40What happens when my love one passes away in a Gold Age facility?
Staff will assist you with any requests you may have. Of course, Gold Age is happy to discuss the possibility of holding a memorial service at the facility. However, we ask that you discuss your wishes with the Director of Care Services. Also, Gold Age does require you to vacate the room within 24 hrs. Therefore, if for any reason you require a longer period of time this can be discussed with the Operations Manager/Director of Care Services.

At Gold Age, you're always welcome.

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