At Gold Age, volunteers are always welcome

Volunteering is incredibly rewarding

At Gold Age, our focus revolves around continuity of life style for our residents. The most important part of that is continued interaction with other people. In fact, that's where you come in. That's because, as a volunteer, you bring a whole new world to ours and we love that!

Why volunteer with Gold Age?

As a Gold Age volunteer, you'll get to learn all about our residents and their amazing life experiences. Some things can't be bought and wisdom is one of them.

Furthermore, we understand that everybody is different and so we will tailor volunteering opportunities around you as much as we will around residents. Bring your skills, your talents, and your passion for life and together we'll make both our residents lives and yours so much richer. Better still, you'll develop new professional and personal skills. In fact, these new attributes will serve you well for the rest of your life. Above all, we understand that this is as much about you as it is us, so rest assured you'll be joining our family just like our residents do.

Volunteering can take many forms

There are so many ways you can volunteer we don't know where to start! Here's a list of some of the things we think might interest you. Of course, if you have some new ideas please let us know:

  • Outdoors - where beautiful garden areas in my facilities and residents in Love to help out in the garden.
  • Food - have you got a special dish you love to make? Why not come down and makes an interesting food for the residents?
  • Knitting in quilting - residence love to sit and chat and quilt on it, and sometimes we make things for the needy too. That makes you doubly generous!
  • Live entertainment - if you play musical instrument for you single dance with love to hear from you. Be warned, if you do show tunes you may never be allowed to leave the building!
  • Fitness and exercise - no matter how old you are or what shall care needs are, everyone needs a good regular exercise and if you can help these do.
  • Animals - we love having pets and animals visit our residence. In fact is a lot of research that shows an incredibly beneficial to help and happiness contact with animals is.

Anything we missed? Just reach out on (03) 9433-3444 today.

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Tap into Industry Leading Networks & Expertise

One of the best things about Volunteering at Gold Age Australia is that you get to connect with all the cool people and companies we work with everyday. These partnerships have formed over decades and we work hard to reward and support all our volunteers.

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At Gold Age, VOLUNTEERS are always welcome

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