A picture tells a thousand words..

Your loved one is our primary concern. That's not just a quote. That's our company wide philosophy. Also, because that philosophy starts with the owner operators, it reaches into every aspect of what we do each day. For example, we take great pride in the quality of the food we prepare. Also, we go to great lengths to train our staff in the latest techniques. This ensures that your family member is getting the best care and support available. In fact, we select our staff very carefully in the first place. You can see images of some of our senior staff below. Furthermore, many of our staff have over 10 years industry experience. Better still, some have over 30 years experience. Clearly, when you combine extensive experience with great training, you get great results.

See for yourself what makes Gold Age such a wonderful place to live. We also have a Facebook page that we update weekly with relevant news. That's so that our residents' families can better stay connect with their loved ones.

At Goldage, you're always welcome.