Animal Therapy for the Elderly
Animal therapy activities for the elderly
July 3, 2017
Classic Automobiles
Classic Automobiles
July 7, 2017
The importance of animal videos for the elderly

The importance of animal videos for the elderly

The importance of animal videos for the elderly

What is the importance of animal videos for the elderly?  Have you ever watched a video that has made you feel happy? Calm? Loved? It turns out animal videos can do just that! We all know how great animals can be for our mental and physical health – but did you know simply watching a video of animals can have these impacts too?

Does the sound of birds chirping make you feel relaxed and at ease? Research says it does!

Here at Gold Age Australia, we want to see these health benefits in our residents! So we’ve produced an animal video for our residents.

About the video

The video is approximately a one hour compilation of lots of different animal videos with calming bird music in the background. The video can be used at an individual level, as well as with large groups. For instance, it can  be played on an iPad to individual people and on the TV’s for groups.

Further, the animal video can be played at particular times of the day to help our residents with dementia with some of those not-so-pleasant symptoms. For instance, people with dementia can become confused, restless and agitated during the late afternoon and evening – this is referred to as the sundowning period. So, using this video during the late afternoon and evening can help these residents be calmer and happier!

How can you be involved?

The video is available for you to play at Gold Age all day, everyday – so why not sit and watch the animal video with your loved one when you visit? Those puppies are pretty cute too! Just talk to the lifestyle staff at your Gold Age facility!


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