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A member of the Granny Grommets is having fun under the sun.

Granny Grommets proved that surfing as a sport for seniors is possible.

They are not only surfing in the waves but are also making waves online. Surely, age is no barrier when somebody wants to do something? Just imagine how many seniors they’re inspiring to engage in physical activities like they do. Take note, not just anything physical but something that can really be exhilarating and fun at the same time.

“Surfing makes them happy and enjoy life.”

Granny Grommets Show Surfing As A Sports for Seniors Is Achievable

The surfing group of Albany call themselves the ‘Granny Grommets’. They are the highlight of Western Australia’s coastal town as they surf the silver waves. Apparently, they enjoy surfing as well as the company of each other. As a matter of fact, they don’t bat an eyelash when people label the place as “God’s waiting room”. Member Bev Boss said, “Well, it’s a very nice waiting room, I can tell you!”

The Granny Grommets group comprises women from the Southern region aged 50 and over. They go surfing once a week at the Middleton Beach. Bodyboarding and swimming also follow. Surprisingly, most of their members are first-time surfers. To be part of the group, they require 3 things. First, they must be 50 years and over. Second, they must have basic lifesaving skills. Lastly, they must love to laugh at simple, random things.

Originally, they were part of an over 50’s recreational group 17 years ago. Now, they are gaining fame across the world because people see them as “fitspirations”. Local surf instructor Tony Harrison leads the group. He teaches them basic surfing skills. Likewise, he also makes sure the surfers know how to spot rips and get to shore when caught by one. He’s the man behind these awesome seniors showing the world that surfing as a sport for seniors is achievable.

Why Advocate Surfing As A Sports for Seniors?

A lot of people may have second thoughts on surfing as a sport for seniors. However, many say that it is good for the elderly’s mental and physical health. In fact, the sport beats the classic adage “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”. Truly, the Granny Grommets proved that age is never an excuse do something one desires to do. This even means doing something for the first time.

San Diego Surfing School advised that seniors must pursue physical activities like surfing. However, they also emphasized the need for the right instruction when doing so. Additionally, they encourage the seniors to develop an attitude of “I can do anything”. This, according to them, is important in preserving one’s mental health.

Here are some of the benefits seniors can get from surfing:

  1. They will burn around 400 calories per hour.
  2. Since surfing uses all the limbs of the body, they will have a thorough workout.
  3. It is a form of exercise that benefits their ageing minds and bodies.
  4. They get to socialize with fellow surf enthusiasts.
  5. Connecting with nature, particularly the beach, gives them a whole new level of experience.

NIH Senior Health further adds that older adults gain a lot by staying physically active. Hence, surfing for seniors gives many benefits. These include prevention of arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mobility problems. Taking up surfing lessons can also be the solution to the pain and discomfort of old age.

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