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December 31, 2017
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January 18, 2018
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Enjoying their nightly glass of red wine.

Enjoying their nightly glass of red wine.

Ageing is something that everyone wants to manage, so people must review their senior lifestyle choices. This will help them understand the habits they have that contribute to ageing. After all, being “young at heart” is achievable. While you cannot go back to your old, young self, you can still do so much to mask the ageing process. The great news is, one of the secrets of fighting ageing is drinking red wine. Sounds exciting, right?

Did you know that those who live a healthy lifestyle live 14 years longer compared to those who don’t?

Senior Lifestyle: A Glass of Red Wine A Day Prolongs The Ageing Process

Have you ever wondered why French people have very few instances of cancer and heart disease? Well, the answer is because they consume more red wine! Yes, red wine, which contains resveratrol.

Resveratrol is also found in peanut butter, blueberries, and dark chocolate. One of the benefits of resveratrol is its anti ageing properties. Conclusively, research involving mice revealed that those who took resveratrol has 2x more endurance. Plus, they did not fall prey so much to conditions like obesity and other issues related to ageing. Resveratrol was also tested in yeast, nematodes, bees, and flies.

Particularly, resveratrol stimulates the SIRT-1 production in our body. In turn, it blocks the diseases because it activates the energy-producing cells of the body called mitochondria. This explains why French people who love red wine may be healthier compared to other nationalities. Additionally, part of the benefits of drinking red wine in older people is having a sharper memory. These only prove that including a glass of red wine a day in your senior lifestyle is indeed a smart move.

More Reasons To Tweak Senior Lifestyle Choices

More and more people are choosing to live a healthy lifestyle nowadays. Perhaps that’s because many are already realizing the importance of making healthy choices for longevity. Those who still aren’t making that big switch to a healthy senior lifestyle should read on…

1. Longer Life

Did you know that those who live a healthy lifestyle live 14 years longer compared to those who don’t? This means that they avoid eating fast and processed foods, vices like cigarette smoking, too much alcohol consumption etcetera.

2. Protection from Various Diseases

Different kinds of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, and more are prevalent these days. In fact, all of us know at least one person with one of these diseases. Yes, genetic factors also cause these diseases but there are ways to avoid these otherwise. For example, having a healthy diet will help prevent diabetes and heart disease. The same goes for regular exercise and having a positive mindset.

3. Healthy Weight

Eating a healthy diet will lead to increased metabolism. Additionally, exercise will help you lose fat and gain more muscles.

Other Reasons to Switch to Healthy Senior Lifestyle Choices

Here are more reasons, besides the 3 major ones why people (especially the older ones) should switch to healthy senior lifestyle choices.

1. Look and Feel Better

By following a healthy lifestyle, one looks and feels better holistically. Their eyes, teeth, and skin look healthier than others who don’t live a healthy lifestyle. They also tend to feel really good about themselves. Likewise, they may feel more confident since they are looked up to as an inspiration to others.

2. Have More Energy

You will notice that, as you progress with healthy lifestyle choices, your body becomes more enduring. It becomes stronger. This is contrary to the common misconception that self-improvement is an exhausting journey!

3. Better Sleep

With a healthy lifestyle comes better sleep. There is no need to take sleeping pills because regular activities and good food choices encourage good sleep.

4. Lessen Medical Costs

Obviously, healthy people are less likely to need to go to the doctor or to the hospital to buy medications and get treatment. This is maybe the major perk of living a healthy senior lifestyle.

At Gold Age, you are always welcome. However, even a senior needing aged care support can remain active, enjoy wine and maximise their health.  We encourage you to stay active, stay strong and enjoy life!

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