Creative arts and the elderly
Creative arts and the elderly
August 3, 2017
food lovers and cruises
Food lovers and Cruises
August 12, 2017
Respite care for caregivers

Respite care for caregivers

Respite care for caregivers

Rerespite care for caregivers provides many benefits for caregivers. Furthermore, caring for an elderly relative covers many aspects. Honour, joy, love but also work and tiredness. Here, at Camberwell Gardens, we have been caring for the elderly for many years. The following experience and tips will probably be helpful for you.

What is respite care?

Essentially it is giving the caregiver a break. Of course caring for elderly loved ones can be stressful. Furthermore it can lead to burnout. That is why respite care aims at relieving stress before that happens. Think of it as a holiday or recharging one’s batteries. Also, the elderly person knows it is temporary. That will prevent them from feeling abandoned or forced. Additionally, look upon it as a holiday for the elderly person as well. It is an opportunity to meet new people and strike up new friendships. Moreover, the whole family can see the way ahead for the future.

Not everyone is able to see their life out at home. Sometimes ill-health can necessitate moving into an aged care facility. Or, perhaps no one is able to care for them to the end of their lives. After all, women are generally the caregivers of the family. However, many women work outside the home today. As well as having children of their own. Also, extended families living together are rarer today.

That is why the health and well-being of carers is so important. Furthermore, they need mental and emotional support. Not just domestic issues such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. Additionally, if they do not get the occasional break, fatigue might become chronic. Chronic fatigue happens when people work too hard for too long. Furthermore, this may affect their sleep patterns. Lack of good quality sleep is detrimental to a person’s well-being.

Further benefits of respite care

Food and nutrition

When the elderly loved one is placed in respite care, many benefits will ensue. They and their families will learn much from the experience. Such as in the area of food and nutrition. For example, concerning chewing or swallowing. Aged care facility staff are highly trained in this area. Therefore, they can pass on very helpful advice.

If your elderly loved one has problems with conditions such as diabetes, proper nutrition can help greatly. Knowing what not to eat is just as important as knowing what to eat. Portion control is also important in managing health. Furthermore, this may be an opportunity to introduce new food groups to your elderly loved one. They may find they enjoy foods they never ate before.


If your elderly loved one has become reluctant to socialise, respite care might help. They might suddenly rediscover the joys of company and conversation. Often, that is the result of coming into contact with their own age group. Naturally, they will discover common memories and interests. That is because they lived through many similar situations in the same time period. They probably raised their families in the same decades. Furthermore, they might find they liked the same television or radio programs.

Additionally, they might discover they have the same hobbies and interests. Whether they be music or dancing or sports, their ages and era’s will probably connect them. This usually has a positive and beneficial effect. Furthermore, they may even decide to remain in touch. They are very likely to go home cheered up. In turn, this might lead to new subjects of conversation at home. Something the whole family can participate in and enjoy. To quote the new buzz word “It’s a win win situation!”

New treatments for the elderly

New treatments for the elderly are appearing every day. Your family will certainly benefit from being made aware of them. Furthermore, this is most likely to happen during a period of respite care. Aged care facilities have a duty to keep abreast of new developments. We are happy to pass them on to families of carers. Additionally, all aspects can be covered, from physical, to mental and emotional care.

Furthermore, delicate subjects such as anticipatory grief can be uncovered. Perhaps the carer and family members may have been harbouring such thoughts. Respite care might provide the opportunity to explore these feelings and thoughts. Additionally, the environment would be outside the family home. Trained staff can be on hand to help ease the difficult conversations.

Psychological effects

The carer might have been suffering from depression, anxiety or even frustration. Being able to discuss these things outside the family home might be very helpful. When the elderly family member returns home, the difficult conversations can be left behind. Perhaps clarity was needed concerning financial problems. There too, information and assistance can be offered. Furthermore people can be pointed in the right direction to seek further help.

It can happen that an elderly person has a problem with drugs or alcohol abuse. The carer may have been struggling with the issue alone. Being able to talk to trained staff would provide great relief. Also, having a shoulder to cry on may be just what they needed. More importantly, knowing who to reach out to will provide solutions.

In conclusion

Caring for elderly loved ones is not an easy task. Even if it is joyfully undertaken. Moreover, familiarity, fatigue and stress can lead to strife. No one should be pushed to their breaking point. Long before that happens respite care is there to be taken advantage of. Therefore, everyone caring for an elderly loved one needs to watch for the signs. Families must pay attention to any warning signs of stress and fatigue. Advice needs to be sought when it is needed.

Although the above advice is not exhaustive, we hope it has been helpful and interesting. Remember we are always here for you. At Aged Care Australia Camberwell Gardens, we are only a phone call away. You are also welcome to pop in any time. Until the next time, dear reader, we wish you and your family health and happiness. Cheerio.

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