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May 26, 2017
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June 3, 2017
Music and Dementia - listen

Music and Dementia -lady likes music

Music and Dementia

Researchers are delving into whether music can help dementia sufferers. They are doing this in an effort to restore quality-of-life for the elderly (and younger sufferers too). After all, it is pretty safe to say that most people like music. Although tastes vary, music has been called many things over the centuries. Such as “The language of love”. Or “Music soothes the savage breast”. Even King Saul called upon David to play for him when he was troubled and could not sleep.

It is probably safe then to deduce that music makes people happy. Sometimes it makes some of us sad. However, on the positive side it can even be a cure for insomnia. Here, at Gold Age Australia, we take great care to ensure that our beloved residents are happy. Also, we know the importance of good rest and sleep. That is why we hope the following information will prove helpful if you are caring for an elderly loved one.

What do the experts say?

Psychologist Dr Catriona Lorang has spoken in a video about a new book. It is about music therapy for people living with dementia. Interestingly, Dr Lorang believes that music is limitless in its capacity to heal.


In the same context, Dr Kirsty Beilhartz has written the first Australian guide about the transformative effects of music. Dr. Beilhartz is applying music research in the context of restorative and palliative care. More than 700 aged care residents were involed in the research project. Further, it is hoped their experiences with music will help families and carers alike.


Classified as musical therapy, scientists believe music has a particular ability to reach parts of the damaged brain. This in turn may enable communication other than speech. Especially since previous research demonstrated that patients given music therapy presented with improvements. Furthermore, they demonstrated general well-being signs. These included restored memories, demonstrations of happiness and even restored speech.

‘Music Remembers Me’ is published by national dementia and aged care charity HammondCare, with a foreword by acclaimed conductor Richard Gill AO.


Recommended reading:

The remedy!

Given what we have read above, what might be the remedy? How about a musical!  In fact, most people love musicals. That’s because they generally have a feel-good mix such as music, dancing, laughter, drama, intrigue etc. Also, they usually include wonderful costumes, hats, and even pets sometimes! Of course, the most famous of these is probably “My Fair Lady”.

Marriner Group is pleased to present the 60th Anniversary production of Lerner and Loewe’s “My Fair Lady”. The venue is the Regent Theatre, 191 Collins St. Melbourne. Beginning May 20 to July 27th.

Director Julie Andrews has assembled a cast of theatre royalty.  Including Downton Abbey star Charles Edwards, Anna O’Byrne, Reg Livermore, Robyn Nevin and Mark Vincent. The Australian has described this production as “Miraculous, ridiculously beautiful”.


In Conclusion

We hope that you found the above blog informative and helpful. So, until the next time, dear reader, from all of us here at Gold Age Australia, we wish you and your elderly loved ones good health. And should you decide to go and see a musical we hope it will “Do you good like a medicine”. Don’t forget to look out for our next blog. Bye for now.

This blog is intended to provide helpful advice. Please speak with your family GP for personalised information or, for specialist advice & support in Melbourne Australia, contact GOLD AGE AUSTRALIA on / 1800 GOLDAGE (1800 465 324) / Overseas Callers call +61 (03) 9836 9507

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