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November 28, 2017
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This elderly man enjoys roaming around with his mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters are one of the best means of transportation for seniors and the disabled across the world. Naturally, this mode of transport is popular among the elderly in Australia too.

Mobility scooters are single-person electric vehicles having three or four wheels. Before, they were used in pedestrian lanes by disabled or older adults. Nowadays, people, especially the elderly, are using them as a means of road transportation. In fact, 13 in 1,000 Australian adults use one according to the 2012  mobility scooter usage and safety survey report.

Generally, there are the heavy-duty type, travel type, and standard type mobility scooters. Check out other models of mobility scooters at Scooters Australia. The website can provide options if older family members plan to purchase one as a way of transportation for seniors.

Driving mobility scooters gives them a sense of independence.

Types of Mobility Scooters As A Medium of Transportation for Seniors

Savvy designers are changing the mindset of the elderly people who recently switched from automobiles to mobility scooters. Many of them feel sorry for themselves because they can no longer drive their cars. Mobility scooters for seniors are now trendsetting. Some even resemble classics like a Model T Ford and Harleys! Others look sporty. Plus, seniors get to personalise their plate number. Out of the different models, the Gatsby is the more popular one. It comes in four colours – black, red, hot pink, and racing green. The users can pack away their shopping bags in its square bonnet. This model garnered a warm reception from Aussies, says Mr Peter Fraser. He’s the Managing Director of Sydney’s recent Trade Show.

Manufacturers of mobility scooters also offer customised designs. This way, older users keep their identities. If they loved big bikes before, then they can customise their mobility scooter to look like one!

The Benefits of Using Mobility Scooters As A Way of Transportation for Seniors

There are several good reasons for seniors to use mobility scooters. First, they are easy to operate. They can drive it using their fingers like they are pulling and pushing a lever. Second, it doesn’t require a driving test to use it on the road. Insurance is also not compulsory but recommended. Third, they are eco-friendly. Mobility scooters don’t need fuel. They are electrically-operated. They come in rechargeable batteries. Moreover, they make roaming around easier and more convenient for seniors who like to retain their independence.

With all these benefits and the release of new customisable models, it isn’t surprising to see more and more users. Besides, even their family members can benefit from these. They may no longer have to carry the elderly family member or push their wheelchair around for example.

Just make sure to drive safely when using mobility scooters as a means of transportation for seniors! Until next time, here at Gold Age Australia we say “keep truckin”!

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