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December 8, 2017
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Everyone in the family including the senior member enjoys their Christmas feast.

Christmas 2017 is fast approaching and preparing Christmas meals for our elderly loved ones may be a concern. Of course, nobody wants to slouch on the nutrition for senior family members. The holiday season is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. It’s not fair to prepare dishes that they can’t eat. So, to avoid making them feel left out, it’s better to prepare early for healthy Christmas meals for our elderly loved ones.

Things to Consider When Preparing Christmas Meals for the Elderly

The nutritional needs of the elderly are different from any other people. In fact, they may even have special needs depending on the status of their health. This is a primary consideration when thinking about Christmas meals for the elderly.

Here are some quick notes about the elderly’s nutritional needs:

  • Seniors need more Vitamin D and Calcium daily. Nutritionists even recommend at least 3 servings of foods rich in these vitamins and minerals.
  • They need to be hydrated but fluids containing salt and sugar must be kept to a minimum.
  • A healthy meal for seniors looks like a rainbow on a plate. These include lean proteins like lean meat, eggs, beans, and seafood. Then, orange, green, red, and purple-coloured fruits are also suggested. Likewise, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice are healthy for them. Additionally, low-fat dairy milk and alternative milk sources like soya milk, almond milk, and others are recommended.

Recipes to Try As Christmas Meals for the Elderly

Undoubtedly, the holiday season is one of the busiest. During these times, it is hard to care for oneself and the older family members too. Plus, doing the holiday shopping and thinking of elderly-friendly holiday meals can be daunting. To make thing simpler and easier, here are some recipes that aged loved ones will enjoy this Christmas.

1. Roasted Garlic Clove Chicken

Anyone can prepare this main course dish in one hour. Yes, the name appears difficult but it really isn’t. This is a juicy way to get to the heart of an elderly loved one this season. The herb-crusted chicken thighs on a serving dish will make an elegant addition to the Christmas feast. Plus, the roasted garlic cloves perfectly compliment fresh bread. Comfort food indeed! Get the recipe here.

2. Creamy Cauliflower Soup

For those who love crockpot recipes, this one’s an ideal inclusion. Homemade soups are not just delicious. They are also feel-good appetizers. Check out the recipe here.

Other Suggested Christmas Meals for the Elderly

Here are other recipes that are perfect Christmas meals for the elderly.

1. Christmas Oatmeal

Breakfast is the most important meal of any day. So, dress up your senior loved one’s breakfast this Christmas. Why not serve them Christmas oatmeal? Put some chopped red and green apples on top of their oatmeal bowl.

2. Christmas Peppermint Tea

Peppermint candy canes are in this Christmas. Obviously, most seniors can no longer eat hard candies. To keep the peppermint theme, serve some peppermint teas too. Use a cheesecloth or muslin bag to put on dried peppermint leaves. Dried cherries and oranges can be added too. Brew and steep as usual for 5-10 minutes. Serve this after Christmas dinner.

3. Christmas Rice

Rice isn’t a usual sight on the dining table. Hence, this will make the Christmas table even more special. Instead of water, use chicken broth to cook the rice. Season the top of it with roasted then chopped green and red bell peppers.

See, carers and family members can still meet the nutritional needs of seniors this holiday season. Try these Christmas meals for the elderly for a more appetizing dining.

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