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This senior lady is so happy to receive a gift from her grandchild.

It’s that time of the year again and it’s quite hard thinking about holiday gift ideas for seniors. Truth is, many of them may actually have more stuff than necessary. Plus, they often have fewer wishes when it comes to material things, considering their age. However, if everyone in the family still wants to give them separate presents this holiday season, they should still do so. After all, they will appreciate the thought and gesture.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors for Their Safety and Independence

Seniors value their independence highly. This is because they feel a sense of achievement and self-worth knowing they can still get by alone. Now, to be able to keep their independence, family members and carers must ensure their safety. With this in mind, assistive devices make pretty good holiday gift ideas for seniors.

1. Bathtub Grip

The bathroom is one of the most incident-prone areas in the house. So, to keep older adults safe while retaining their independence, bathroom accessories make perfect gifts. One is the bathtub grip. However, make sure you choose the most sturdy type. Particularly, go for something that clips on the side of the bathtub over those with suction grips. Likewise, a plastic cushion adds an extra layer of safety so it won’t slip when used by the senior. Lastly, select a bathtub grip made from metal over plastic too.

2. Induction Cook Top

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said that those over 65 have 2.5 times the risk of dying from a kitchen fire! This makes an induction cooktop another great gift for the elderly since it doesn’t have any open flame. It will also help them safely prepare their food, especially if they love cooking.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors for Their Health & Wellbeing

1. 31-Day Pill Organizer

Seniors often forget to take their medication, especially if they’ve got multiple. To help them stay healthy and make sure they don’t miss a pill, a 31-day pill organizer helps. Find one with a digital clock that also displays the date. Also, make sure the pill boxes are easy-to-open so they won’t struggle.

2. Massage Pillow

Aching joints and muscles are part of ageing. Help your senior loved ones find relief with a massage pillow. SOme can be gently heated to add to the soothing effect.

3. Sleep Therapy Machine

Many elderly people also suffer from insomnia. White noise can help them sleep faster and better. With a sleep therapy machine, they can get quality sleep.

4. Healthy Food Delivery

Sign them up for a week or a month’s delivery of healthy meals. This way, they no longer have to think of what to eat. Plus, you’re 100% sure they only eat what’s good for them.

Other Helpful Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

1. Grocery Bag with Seat

Older adults who love doing their own grocery will appreciate a grocery bag with a seat. This enables them to rest while waiting in the queue or taking trips to the grocery aisles.

2. Garden Kneelers

Seniors who love gardening will delight upon opening your boxed garden kneelers. It will help them kneel with ease while tending their plants.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are also quick holiday gift ideas for seniors. You may choose gift cards for pharmacies, hairdressers, pet food stores, and more.

Personalised Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

1. Memory Journal

Seniors who have everything will appreciate the time and effort someone spends on a custom gift. Why not put together all the happy pictures in one memory journal? Flipping this during their idle time will make them feel happy and loved.

2. Personally-Cooked Food

One of the best holiday gift ideas for seniors is handing them a personally-cooked meal. Do they love your specialty dish? Why not spare a few hours to prepare it yourself and give it over on Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

There are heaps of holiday gift ideas for seniors that family members and friends can choose from. Knowing what they love helps a lot in identifying the perfect gift for them. Nonetheless, whatever gift for seniors that’s prepared, it is always the thought that counts.

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