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Hobbies for an Elderly Female

So often, getting older is placed in a negative light. However, there are many positive aspects to getting older. If you have suddenly found yourself needing to look after or help an elderly female loved one you may be wondering what you can do to keep them busy and happy? Here at Camberwell Gardens Aged Care we appreciate the importance of hobbies for the elderly.

We hope these helpful hints on Hobbies for an Elderly Female will be of assistance to you and fulfilling for them

The Positive Aspects of Growing Older!

Whether your loved one is a Baby Boomer, or even a pre WW2 candidate, chances are they have led very busy lives. Women had to take on traditional male jobs between and after the two world wars. That meant working outside the home as well as taking care of the children and housework. Your mother was quite possibly one of those women. Consequently, she may now have more time on her hands than she has been used to.

This presents her with an opportunity either to pick up hobbies she once loved or to learn new ones. She may have nurtured dreams that had to be put aside for a while. Duty and the children came first. That no longer being the case, a lot of interesting traditional and novel hobbies are there waiting for her to make her selection.

Begin by asking her the question. You may already know some things she used to enjoy. However, you can suggest new things she might enjoy, not only that she has not thought of, but that involve modern technology.

Music to soothe the soul

Perhaps she has always had a love of music. Does she have a machine that uses CDs? Firstly, they are no longer an expensive item and the choice of music is endless with something for everyone. Might she be interested in joining a choir? It doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavour. Church and amateur choirs abound and always welcome newcomers. Furthermore, Choirs sometimes provide an opportunity for travel. Has she always secretly desired to learn a musical instrument? This might be your opportunity for a gift that would be truly welcome. eBay and similar forums have contributed to making these things more accessible. Perhaps she might like to go to concerts with you, a great opportunity for a shared joy. And also to make new friends.


Did she learn art at school? Perhaps she displayed a measure of talent that she was not able to develop at the time. Well, now that restriction has been lifted. Some beautifully illustrated books will set her on the path to rediscovering the pleasures of art. Whether that be watercolours, portraiture, oil painting, pottery or sculpture, her choice will be her pleasure. Furthermore, exercising her hands will stop them from going stiff and provide good exercise. And why not sell her works of art. Many people prefer handmade, home-made articles and gifts as opposed to shop bought ones. How about visits to galleries? They are time consuming and now she has the time. Shared interests always attract like-minded friends. Added bonus! The coffee shop with lovely sandwiches and cakes. In moderation, of course, that too is good for the soul.

Films and theatre

Modern cinemas are a great improvement on past ones. Furthermore, they offer daytime viewings every day. Females, even elderly ones if they are in good health, do go by themselves. However, she will surely discover friends and neighbours happy to accompany her if she makes a few enquiries.  If she loves the theatre, there is much to choose from today. If you do some research on the Internet you will find groups that organise for people on their own to join in.

You may discover that your elderly loved one enjoyed participating in plays at school. In that case, amateur societies will be delighted to have a newcomer to add to their joyful band. There is a marvellous new help for elderly would-be thespians that permits them to perform with the script in their hand. No problems there with memorising.

Swimming and aquatic exercises

Experts agree that maintaining mobility and lung function are essential for the elderly. Therefore swimming, whether in the pool or at the beach, will be very good for your elderly loved one. Saltwater is a disinfectant, and sand and waves gently exfoliate the skin and clean nails and scalp. Plus the gentle movement of the waves, the sounds of the ocean and the beautiful blue sky are so soothing.

Otherwise, the local pool is easily accessible and offers more variety. For instance, does your mother enjoy laps or would she prefer water aerobics? If she no longer drives herself, the extended opening hours of the local pool will make it easier for you to take her there. The added advantage of water aerobics is the fact that it is low impact. Therefore, if she has any joint pain or back problems, she will be able to exercise safely. Some of the sessions are set to music, and that is often an added pleasure. There are added benefits to swimming, such as an improvement in chronic conditions. It has been known to help people with heart disease, diabetes, various forms of arthritis and even depression.

The new and interesting

We refer of course to technology and modern media. iPhones, iPads and laptops may appear quite daunting to your elderly loved one initially. The truth is, taught patiently, step-by-step they’re not hard to learn. Trips to the library are no longer necessary thanks to the Internet. Then there is Skype, and the joy of seeing each other’s faces, not to mention the grandchildren.

Email is so much faster than snail mail. With the addition of the attachment feature, or iCloud, photographs can be exchanged quickly and easily. Research can be undertaken on favourite subjects such as history or literature or any number of topics of choice. Your elderly loved one will find she is no longer out of touch with her time. This will lead to interesting discussions and conversations with the grandchildren on school topics. In turn, this will make her feel in touch and included.

In Conclusion

There are so many traditional and new hobbies for your elderly loved one to pick from. In fact, she need never feel bored or lonely again. In turn, hobbies can bring new friends into her life. Better still, this can lessen the burden on you to keep her entertained. Also, her new hobbies may open up new avenues neither she, nor you, even thought of. Hopefully, this will result in a new lease of life for her. Best of all, you get the joy of seeing her happy and thriving.

Finally, if you would like to read a more in depth article on hobbies for the elderly, you may like to visit How Stuff Work’s Health pages on the topic here.

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