Classic Automobiles
Classic Automobiles
July 7, 2017
Classic Car Events in 2017
Classic Car Events in 2017
July 11, 2017
Classic Car Models

Classic Car Models

Classic Car Models

Classic car models go into a category of their own because they stand out. Although car models come and go, some remain in people’s minds longer. That’s because there’s something unique about them. In fact, they capture people’s imaginations and make their mark. Moreover, they are as ‘vintage’ as some of our elderly loved ones, aren’t they!

Here at Gold Age Australia, we ask our elderly residents what makes them happy. Then we make sure we meet those needs. Furthermore, they must keep up their passions to enjoy life, not just survive. And, for many men, one of those passions is cars. Perhaps the cars bring back memories of their fathers. Happy times spent talking man to boy about cars and engines.

Gosford Classic Car Museum is rated the largest car museum in the Southern Hemisphere. That is an impressive claim. Furthermore, their collection boasts over 450 cars and motorcycles. It is located on the New South Wales Central Coast.

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The museum is privately owned. Furthermore, it is rated one of the top five best car collections in the world. Additionally, the collection includes vintage classics, Supercars, modern classics and even military vehicles. New vehicles are constantly being added to the showroom. That is due to their team searching for rare and amazing finds across the globe. Also, their knowledge of the classic car business gives them several advantages.

Moreover they know which models are likely to appreciate in value with age. In fact they are said to be a worthwhile investment. The museum is considered a hub for automotive fans. Particularly, because it was created for car lovers by car lovers.

Ferrari 365 GTC/4

This model was built in Italy in 1972. Apparently, Enzo Ferrari himself was a fan of 2+2 sports cars. That’s because he liked to have room in the car for himself, his driver and his dog. Therefore several of the marque’s grand tourer models were lengthened to accommodate a usable back seat. The Ferrari 365 GTC/4’s role was to be a comfortable and practical sports car during the week. And a family-friendly runabout on the weekend. Nice if you can get it!

Alvis TB14 Roadster

It was built in 1950 in the UK. Their former sedans and convertibles were considered more conservative. However, Alvis built and released the TB14 roadster at the Earl’s Court motor show in 1948. Furthermore only 100 of these sports models were produced.

Austin Healey 100/4 BN1

This sports car model was built from 1953 until 1956 in Warwick. It was developed by Donald Healey. Initially a manual transmission, the transmission was modified to be a three speed unit with overdrive on second and top. Furthermore this model was judged as near perfect at the Austin Healey gold masterclass. Additionally, it scored 996 points out of 1000.

In conclusion

So why not make it a family outing. Plan a trip to beautiful Gosford and visit the classic car Museum. However, don’t forget to let us know if you do go. We would love to hear your story. So, until next time then, all the best to you, your family and elderly loved ones. From all of us here at Gold Age Australia, Cheerio.

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