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March 14, 2017
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The Benefits of elderly gardening

Whilst many people enjoy gardening as a hobby, not everyone has a lot of spare time. In fact busy lives, working, caring for a home and family take up much of people’s lives when they are younger. So, what are the Benefits of elderly gardening for your family?

Stop and Smell the Roses

Well firstly, time is often one luxury the elderly enjoy plentifully. Do you have an elderly loved one who loves to do some ‘elderly gardening’? You know, gardening without the heavy lifting and barrow pushing! Perhaps you have been looking for ways to help them enjoy gardening within their elderly capabilities? Here at Gold Age Australia we are aware of the many benefits of elderly gardening for our residents. That is why we would like to pass on some hints we hope will be helpful on the subject.

Beauty and bounty

Your elderly loved one may have been particularly fond of blooms. Perhaps much of their time was spent tending lovingly to azalea bushes and the such. Furthermore, time restrictions may have impinged on their ability to branch out into other areas. Tending to garden beds is hard on the knees and back. However, with a little imagination and a trip to the nearest garden centre new vistas can be opened up.

For example, raised garden beds make gardening standing up possible! In fact, we have them for our elderly gardener residents at Camberwell Gardens. Also, new methods of irrigation and feeding have done away with the watering can and shovelling compost. Annuals, bulbs, climbing vines such as Jasmine on small trellises, miniature roses, bonsai, the choice is endless.

In turn, your loved one can be introduced to fruit and vegetable gardening. Perhaps for them this may be the first time. Many vegetables are easier to grow now. The variety will only be limited by what they enjoy eating. Furthermore, sharing with others need not only encompass the family and friends. They can make new friends by sharing with the neighbours. Like the old days of a chat over the garden fence whilst handing over some fresh tomatoes.

Fruit trees often don’t require much work. In fact with once a year pruning, at the right time, they usually oblige with a bountiful yield. Better still, new young trees will not be so high as more mature ones. That means that it will be easier to collect the fruit at harvest time. Plus, if suitable for them, the excess can be turned into jam.

The health benefits

Finally, let’s talk about the health benefits. Not everybody enjoys sports or exercises in a gymnasium. So it is good to know the health benefits of gardening. Better still, gardening is a form of exercise that is never dull or repetitious. However, it is a form of physical activity that will keep your elderly loved one mobile and flexible. The enjoyment of the activity may have a calming effect on them as well. If there is no stress from knee pain or back pain, many happy hours can be spent outside in the sunshine and fresh air. This in turn may promote clear lungs and good oxygenation of the blood, through relaxation and deep breathing. How about topping it all off with their favourite music playing in the background! With a little effort you may just have provided them with their own little patch of paradise.


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