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Super Simple 3 x Q&A with Brenda Hutchinson, Education and Lifestyle Manager
June 14, 2016
Breakfast and lunch for Elderly Persons
Nutrition for the Elderly (part 2 of 4). Planning Breakfast and lunch for an Elderly Person
February 21, 2017
Beanies for Brain Cancer Front Image

This photo was for Brain Cancer Awareness Week in June 2016.

The staff and residents at Deloraine raised $400+ for the “Mark Hughes Foundation” this week. This was in support of the “Beanies for Brain Cancer” week. In fact, every year we chose a different charity to support. Sadly, despite all the TV coverage on brain cancer at the moment, charities are not getting much funding. That’s why our residents wanted to support this cause.

In fact, we sold “Mark Hughes Foundation Beanies” and had a special afternoon tea to show our support for Brain Cancer. That’s because MHF is one of Australia’s leading not for profit organisations. It raises much needed funds to promote research, heighten awareness and support brain cancer patients (children and adults) and their families within the community.

At Deloraine, we are always amazed at the generosity of our staff and residents. Raising money for a charity is both important and, in our case, lots of fun! In fact, we intend to host more such events. We’ll keep you informed via our Blog.

What’s Beanies for Brain Cancer?

It is expected that approximately 1600 brain cancers will be diagnosed this year in Australia; that’s around 4 people every day being given this devastating news. Of those people, nearly 1300 will die. This means, when a person is told they have brain cancer, they must face the brutal fact that they are much more likely to die than survive. There is so much we need to learn about this disease and with research and funding these survival rates can be improved, we believe, dramatically.

To learn more about Beanies for Brain Cancer click here

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