Australian aviation history-2
Australian aviation history-2
July 31, 2017
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Creative arts and the elderly
August 3, 2017
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Australian National Aviation Museum

Australian National Aviation Museum

The Australian National Aviation Museum was founded in 1962. Initially it was run by volunteers and members. Now, it houses a collection of aircraft and engines considered impressive. Furthermore modules, uniforms and other items related to Australia’s aviation history are displayed there.

Contents and displays

The museum contains rare and unique examples of aircraft made in Australia. Such as the oldest surviving Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation aircraft.  This is the Wirraway A20-10. They also have a Victa AirTourer on display.  Furthermore, the DAP Mk21 Beaufighter is the only aircraft left in the world capable of ground running an engine. Additionally, they house the oldest surviving Beaufort Bomber. This aircraft is currently being restored.


They have a WWI Gallery. With history, memorabilia, medals and photographs. Also the DC9 Flight Simulator is open every day. Additionally, the TAA Viscount and Firefly and Sea Venom plane cockpits are open every day.

The website link is at:


August 2017

The Museum runs regular events for aficionados. The next one on the calendar is a Trivia Night. Furthermore, the subject will be “Aviation and General Knowledge”. It is being held at the Museum at Moorabbin airport. The date is August 26.

The night will begin at 7:30 PM and finish at midnight. Also, finger food will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own nibbles and drinks. Furthermore there will be prizes and giveaways. Tickets are $30 each. For further details please contact the Museum on 9580-7752.

September 2017

The next event on the calendar is on September 15. Entitled “The 2017 Harry Hawker Memorial Lecture”. This annual event is in recognition of Harry Hawker’s impact on aviation in Australia. The lecture topic for this year is “The Plane Game, the history of the Government Aircraft Factory and the Department of Aircraft Production”.

The event will be held at the Australian National Aviation Museum. Starting at 7:30 PM, with the lecture commencing at 8 PM. Tickets are $35 each. For more information please contact the Museum on 9580-7752.

October 2017

This event is named “The Family Open Cockpit Weekend”. It will be held on 28 and 29 October. Open from 9 AM to 4 PM daily, it promises to be a superb interactive experience. All possible cockpits will be opened. Also, aircraft engines will be run. Furthermore, over the two days, food trucks, a jumping castle and other displays will be on site for the pleasure of the whole family.

For further details please contact the museum on 9580-7752. Or email:

Museum details

The address is corner First and Second Avenue, Moorabbin Airport. Ph: 03) 9580–7752. It is open Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Saturdays and Sundays 10 till 5 PM. Furthermore it is open on public holidays except for Christmas Day. Admission prices are $10 per adult, $20 per family $5 for each child over five, and the concession/Pensioner price is $7. Group tours are by appointment.

In Conclusion

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