Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part one)
Always a Lady – Painting and the Arts (part one)
June 3, 2017
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June 17, 2017
Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part two)

Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part two). Tarrawarra Museum

Always a Lady – Painting and the Arts (part two)

Continuing our series entitled Always a Lady, we are happy to present to you part two of Painting and the Arts. If you are caring for an elderly lady at home, entertainment and diversity can be challenging. Furthermore, you might prefer to find things that are not too far away from home.  That way, whatever the limitations of your elderly loved one the goal might be reachable. Perhaps it’s also important to you that it involves the entire family.

At Gold Age Australia, we’re blessed to have many lovely ladies in our care. We are concerned for their health and happiness. That is why we are happy to pass on the following information in case you are caring for an elderly lady. It is so important to provide them with activities in and outside the home. They need exercise and fresh air. However they also need to socialise and mingle with the community.

What is on at the moment

Dobell’s Circle – May 27 to August 13

The exhibition entitled Dobell’s Circle, includes paintings and drawings from the TarraWarra Museum of Art Collection. It features significant members of artist William Dobell’s circle of friends. Moreover, it is composed of their paintings and drawings. Also, it is said to highlight how central he was to the mid-century Sydney scene.

Artists and painters often become successful later in life. In fact, some only achieve fame after their death. In retrospect, their circle of friends sometimes follow suit. Some of William Dobell’s friends have become legends in their own right. One such person is Godfrey Miller. He was a lifelong friend of Dobell enjoying classes at the Slade School.

Another friend, John Passmore, shared a room with Dobell in London. There is an amusing anecdote of Donald Friend helping Dobell heave a piano up to his attic studio in London. Sidney Nolan was a long-time friend who joined Dobell in representing Australia at the 1954 Venice Biennale. Furthermore, Dobell was a Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The exhibition will also feature works by Ralph Balson, Sali Herman, John Olsen, Lloyd Rees and Jeffrey Smart.

In Conclusion

All in all, this exhibition is not to be missed. Further, it will provide the public an opportunity to reconsider Dobell’s formative influence. And that, not just within Sydney’s artistic community. More importantly, it will also provide an appreciation of the measure of his contribution to Australia.

  • Link:
  • TarraWarra Museum of Art
  • 311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Healesville, Victoria, Australia

Opening hours:

  • Open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am to 5pm
  • Open all public holidays except Christmas day

Booking fee includes entry into the exhibitions Discovering Dobell, and Dobell’s Circle.

Please be sure to watch out for our next blog. This will be part three of our series “Always a Lady” – Painting and the Arts. In that blog, we will give you advanced notice of what is happening at the Art Gallery in the CBD.

Until next time then, from all of us here at Gold Age Australia, we wish you and your family many hours of happy browsing at beautiful artworks. Bye bye for now!


This blog is intended to provide helpful advice. Please speak with your family GP for personalised information or, for specialist advice & support in Melbourne Australia, contact GOLD AGE AUSTRALIA on / 1800 GOLDAGE (1800 465 324) / Overseas Callers call +61 (03) 9836 9507

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