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May 26, 2017
Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part two)
Always a Lady – Painting and the Arts (part two)
June 3, 2017
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Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part one)

Always a Lady - Painting and the Arts (part one). Dobell

Always a Lady – Painting and the Arts (part one)

In our series entitled Always a Lady, we strive to think of things a lady would enjoy. Things such as painting and the arts perhaps. Of course we know everybody is different. Which is why we don’t expect that one subject will interest everyone. However we hope that if we cover a broad range of topics, there will be something in the bouquet for each lady.

We’re blessed to have many lovely ladies in our care at Gold Age Australia, we. Of course we are concerned for their physical well-being. However, we know it is tied up with their mental and emotional happiness. That is why we provide them with lovely surroundings, good food, proper care and love. It is a holistic approach and we know it works.

Today, we are happy to pass on the following information in case you are caring for an elderly lady. It is so important to provide them with activities in and outside the home. They need exercise and fresh air. However they also need to socialise and mingle with the community.

Whether they have been to art galleries before, or this is a new experience, we hope that it will be a happy one. Who knows, they might even want to take up painting themselves. After all, it is never too late to learn a new hobby. From sketching to watercolours to oil painting, everyone can find their taste and inspiration.

What is on at the moment

Discovering Dobell – May 27 to August 13

There is a new exhibition on at the TarraWarra Museum of Art. The name of the exhibition is Discovering Dobell. The advertisement tells us that the Artist Sir William Dobell’s methods and processes are laid bare in this new exhibition. Further, it goes on to explain that the aim of the exhibition is to divide his catalogue into three sections. In fact, the first section is described as his London phase. Then the second section is described as his Sydney phase. Finally, the third section is described as his New Guinea phase.


The Venue:

  • TarraWarra Museum of Art
  • 311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Healesville, Victoria, Australia
  • Opening hours:
  • Open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am to 5pm
  • Open all public holidays except Christmas day

Firstly, it’s exciting to know the exhibition includes important pieces from private collections and galleries. Including his notorious Archibald prize-winning portrait of Joshua Smith.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Christopher Heathcote. This will be followed by a Keynote Lecture by Christopher Heathcote entitled “Discovering Dobell”. Dr Heathcoate promises to share fresh insights into the artist’s work. In the course of his lecture, he will be exploring in detail Dobell’s London years, his portraits of Sydneysiders and the more experimental New Guinea paintings.

It is interesting to note that Dr Christopher Heathcote is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost art critics. Furthermore he has written extensively on a broad range of creators. These include Arthur Boyd, Edvard Munch, Virginia Woolf and Michelangelo Antonioni. Dr Heathcote is also recognised as an authority in 20th century culture.

The lecture is scheduled for Saturday, July 22, from 2 to 3 PM.

Booking Details


Booking fee includes entry into the exhibitions Discovering Dobell, and Dobell’s Circle.

In part two of this series entitled Painting and the Arts, we will tell you about the exhibition entitled Dobell’s Circle. Please be sure to watch out for our next blog.

Until next time then, dear reader, from all of us here at Gold Age Australia, please receive our warmest wishes for your family. Bye bye for now!


This blog is intended to provide helpful advice. Please speak with your family GP for personalised information or, for specialist advice & support in Melbourne Australia, contact GOLD AGE AUSTRALIA on / 1800 GOLDAGE (1800 465 324) / Overseas Callers call +61 (03) 9836 9507

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