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Things to do with your elderly loved one for entertainment
April 21, 2017
Always a Lady Part 2 Beauty care for your elderly loved one (Carmen Dell'Orefice)
Always a Lady Part 2 Beauty care for your elderly loved one
April 24, 2017
Beauty care for your elderly loved one (lady)

Beauty care for your elderly loved one - lady looking at camera

Always a Lady – Part One: Beauty care for your elderly loved one

No matter her age, an elderly lady will still want to look her best. In fact, beauty care for your elderly loved one is extremely important to their wellbeing. That’s because when we look in the mirror what we see affects our confidence. What’s more, as we age we need to do a little more work on our appearance. Hair, Skin, teeth and nails can become dry and discoloured. In this series of blogs entitled “Always a Lady” we will address all of these issues.

Here at Gold Age Australia, we help our elderly residents to remain at their best. We know that it is part of their daily enjoyment of life to look good. Furthermore, it is important for their health to have their body in top condition. Of course, exercise and grooming go hand-in-hand to that end. We hope you will find the following information helpful in caring for your elderly loved one.

Hair care

As people age, changes occur in their hair. It turns grey because hair pigment cells do not renew themselves as frequently. Unfortunately this is irreversible in nature. Therefore, the only way to change hair colour is to colour it. Firstly, ask your elderly relative if she wants her hair coloured. Secondly, ask her what results she wants to achieve. Some people want an all over block colour. However, this method will result in the regrowth showing as a grey line. If this is not pleasing to her then highlights are a better method.

The next step is choosing a hairdresser. If she has been going to one previously, simply book an appointment to go and have a chat. Otherwise, the Yellow Pages will give you a listing in your area. A good way to choose her new hairdresser is to find out which colouring products they use. That is because hair colour products vary and some people already know which product suits their hair. Having decided on your choice give the salon a call. After a brief chat with the receptionist she will recommend a stylist. It’s a good idea to go in and have a chat with her first. After that initial conversation it will be time to make an appointment. By the way, colour is helpful in making thinning hair look fuller.

But perhaps your elderly loved one is happy to keep her grey hair. In that case, it will need regular trimming and good shampoo care. It is better to use shampoo and conditioner for normal hair. However, if she has any sort of scalp problem such as eczema or dandruff,  there are specialised medicated shampoos to treat those. Lastly, remember that thinning hair looks better short.


Skin Care

Skin care is important at every age. That is because many factors affect our skin. Age, sun, diet and smoking are the major ones. The ageing process means that your skin cells lose their elasticity. Furthermore, they do not renew themselves as quickly. This has an effect on skin elasticity and dryness.  Therefore, moisturising becomes vitally important. For the elderly, it is doubly important to prevent wounds.

The sun’s rays are lovely and beneficial for a short while. However, too much time spent in the sun burns skin. That lovely tan is actually the same as roasting a chicken in the oven. The result is burning and drying of the skin. For the elderly this is more dangerous because of thinning skin. Also, the drying effect is made worse for them due to loss of moisture. That’s why they must not sit in the sun in the middle of the day. The answer is mild soap, followed by lots and lots of moisturiser. And don’t forget the sunscreen. If this is within her budget, your elderly loved one will benefit greatly from visits to a beauty clinic. They are a fountain of youth and pampering is good for the mind as well as the skin.


Diet and smoking

Experts agree that a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables promotes good skin. They are full of vitamins and minerals. Another reason is because they promote good bowel health. Your elderly loved one’s system will function better with the elimination of toxins. As a result this will show in the skin, the body’s largest organ. Also, drinking lots of water will promote hydration. This too will flush out her system. Furthermore, her skin will look more dewy because the water will get rid of the salt under her skin. The body stores excess salt under the skin, causing dehydration.

As for smoking, if your elderly loved one is a smoker, encourage her to stop. Firstly for the health benefits, but also because smoking causes wrinkling around the mouth. These  are deep wrinkles which are extremely difficult to remove. They also cause lipstick to bleed. and the resultant look is not attractive.


In conclusion

It is true that ageing has a negative impact on our appearance. Particularly in this day and age of beauty worship. Television, movies and the media celebrate youth over wisdom. That is why we ladies must fight back. In our next blogs we will continue to explore the weapons at our disposal in this combat.

So, from us here, at Gold Age Australia, we wish you and your elderly loved ones good health and happiness. Please look out for our next blog on the subject of beauty care for elderly ladies. Bye for now.


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